Steel Shell System Chapter 1

Chapter I: Legendary Streetceters.

In Room 401 of the boys' dormitory in Area D of Huaihai University, an otaku wearing a white T-shirt with the blue English letter DORER printed on his chest was sitting in front of the desk. The screen of the Shenzhou laptop computer in front of him was playing the game picture of the Three Kingdoms War Storming 2.

This game originated from the game hall where the post-90s and post-80s generation used to haunt. Belonging to the generation of mythical and legendary arcade!

Unfortunately, with the changes of the times, arcade machines have gradually been forgotten by people and legends have gone into decline. However, Penguin Group changed it and put it back on the computer screen in 2013.

And since I was a child, as an otaku who was quite fascinated by this arcade machine naturally picked up the memories of that year.

In order to give players memories of the past, Penguin Group has adopted coins that retain the old arcade model. After logging in, players will be given five free virtual game coins, that is, virtual "copper coins". The game will be played once every two coins. After the free copper coins are used up, players can continue to receive copper coins by recharging.

The game scene has just begun. The first stage is to cut off the river to save dou. Four men had just jumped onto the warship, a group of melee, under the disorderly knife, dozens of tragic and rapid death, an organ beast dropped.

This is a small secret book that many people basically know. At the beginning, the two organ beasts on the warship will fire after being attacked. The fire is a long flame with slightly higher damage, but there are items for players to use inside, and players can obtain the items after smashing them.

After the organ beast is dropped, it will drop a barrel of cufflinks. After the following one is knocked out, it will drop a Taoist Zhang Lingjian. Cufflinks are nothing but one of the most rubbish items, while Zhang Lingjian is quite a good thing. Strictly speaking, it is even one of the advanced items.

Unfortunately, when Guan Yu worked so hard to blow up the organ beast and was ready to pick up the Zhang Lingjian, he had just taken five strokes and the white armored soldier, who was slashing down a lance soldier, came back to act quickly and grabbed the Zhang Lingjian in front of Guan Yu with a very smart and sharp move.

What I fought hard for was robbed by others. This is one of the things that many players can hardly forget when the Three Kingdoms War broke out again. I cried bitterly when I was robbed, burned the sky with anger.

Not this time, before Huang Zhongle could have a good time, a prompt popped up in the game window on the screen of Shenzhou notebook computer, "I'm sorry, you have been voted out of this room by the players of the same table!" The next moment, after the second reading, the game window automatically closed and jumped into the game hall without waiting for anyone to react.

Paused, and then as if he killed a pig, sitting in front of the computer, this man named Qian Lingfeng an otaku suddenly broke out in a loud cry. With sad hatred nd very piercing roar! ! ! "Ah ah ah ah ~ ~! ! ! What an *sshole! !”

"Your sister, what was that for? Will you eat that Zhang Lingjian, that you go for direct kick? Who is to blame for your slow hand? !”

"I was kicked by three new recruits by vote, my day, there is no justice! ! ! Your sister's, ah ah ah, my day, my day is ruined! ! My two game coins! !”

Angry Qian Lingfeng hissed wildly at the computer screen. He hated it to the depths of his heart. He can't help but lower his head, full of bitterness, looking at this yellow painted desk. It is like looking at the enemy of life and death, for an instant anger, it is not pleasing to look in the eye.

Can't help it, Qian Lingfeng stretched out his fist to severely hit two times on the desk!

His angry eyes jet out flames, the so-called heart stasis can not express his anger. Qian ling-feng really used brute force in hitting, as if he's hitting the actual people who just voted to kick him off, "bang bang bang".

Under the strong force, the desktop of the whole desk was throbbing, many things were bounced up, one or two bottle caps and beverage cans were throbbing, and even the box of instant noodles and bottom soup on the desk was almost overturned.

"F*ck!" , The noodle soup splashed, fortunately, although Qian Lingfeng is an otaku, he's not a f*ggot, his nerve reaction ability is not bad. He hurriedly acted before the noodle soup caused disaster.

[translation said f*ggot]

"Shout ~" He breathed a sigh of relief, he don't love to drink soup that's why there's a lot of soup left. Qian ling-feng also can't help but feel a little lucky. Fortunately the noodle soup didn't spill, otherwise, it is a very troublesome thing to tidy up!

For the average person, when a noodle soup spilled, they would just wipe it, but this wipe action, for a slovenly senior otaku, is tedious! And napkins and so on are very important things, how can they be easily wasted ~ 😂

"PSST ~ Sheeeyt! Your sister, it hurts! !” his fist is made of flesh and bones, the table is also pretty hard, Qian ling-feng just heavily smashed down on it. He previously didn't feel anything, now he returned to his absolute being, the original share of anger and paralysis of feeling dissipated, but he can feel his fist aching.

He picked up his fist, Qian Lingfeng gather together to take a look. The decisive fist had white skin fold with fresh new meat below. His eyebrows wrinkled. He carefully with his nails, rub the wrinkled skin off.

"Day" is Qian Lingfeng's pet phrase ~

He sighed, although at the moment his heart is still quite uncomfortable, but fortunately he had breadth of mind and also has broad exception. Now that he's been kicked out, and also have no way to things, freely scolding with two sentences is enough.

Looking at his remaining game coins, Qian Lingfeng was speechless, but there was still one left, and the lowest game coin usage price was two at a time ~ the average person did not have any coins, so it was hard to choose top-up. However, for Qian Lingfeng, Penguin Group's practice of a virtual game coin of 50 cents, he can only say "ha ha" ~

Looking at the time displayed on the computer desktop, at 11: 26 a.m., the long string of figures approaching 12: 00 was like a dog's eye poking blind old money.

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